Jux Kira – Fire Dance Warrior

Jux Kira – Fire Dance Warrior

A samurai woman with blue eyes, she is standing around a flame, she is looking straight ahead, she has a sword in her right hand. Cinematic, hyper-detailed, and insane details bring this scene to life. Beautifully color graded with the Unreal Engine, it features DOF, super-resolution, and megapixel resolution. The cinematic lightning is accentuated with anti-aliasing, FKAA, TXAA, RTX, and SSAO, and enhanced with post-processing, post-production, and tone mapping. CGI, VFX, and SFX make this scene insanely detailed and intricate. It's hyper maximalist and hyper-realistic, with volumetric and ultra photorealistic effects. The ultra-detailed and intricate details are displayed in 8K resolution, super detailed and in full color. The volumetric lightning adds to the HDR effect, making the scene even more realistic. Created with the Unreal Engine in 16K resolution, this scene is in sharp focus and truly breathtaking. 2.9 backlight

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