Jimana – Guardian of the Lovak Temple

Jimana – Guardian of the Lovak Temple

a woman in mandalorian armor captured with the Hasselbled camera and XCD 80mm f/1.9 lens. Cinematic, hyper-detailed, and insane details are captured in this shot, beautifully color graded to enhance the visuals. The use of Unreal Engine brings depth of field, super-resolution, and megapixel quality to the image. Cinematic lighting and anti-aliasing techniques like FKAA, TXAA, and RTX bring out the stunning details of the character's armor. The post-processing, tone mapping, and CGI/VFX/SFX work done on this image is insane, resulting in an insanely detailed and intricate visual. The hyper maximalist, hyper-realistic, and volumetric effect of the image make it ultra-photoreal and ultra-detailed, with intricate details captured in 8K resolution. The volumetric lightning and HDR effects make the visuals even more realistic. The use of Unreal Engine at 16K resolution results in a sharp and super-detailed focus on the character's helmet. gold

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